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This course feels like…

Connection with your body & soulful expression

Celebration of all aspects of your feminine, from the playful,

to the dark depths of your soul


Reclamation of the joy of being in your sensuality


Discovery of your unique sensual body movement (no choreo here! Only gentle guidance to help you unlock your free movement.)


Embodiment of the feminine cyclical nature, from yin to yang energy

Themes Explored During Course:

Slowing down


Connection to Self


Body listening techniques


Finding what “feels good” as your compass for movement 

What's Included:

  • 4 60-minutes classes, providing archetypal teaching, curated playlist, guided meditation & movement, and embodiment practices to play with in your own time outside of class.

  • All classes will be recorded and available to rewatch.

  • Each participant will have access the the Soulful Sensuality Facebook group. The FB group offers time to connect with the community, share learnings and ask questions, and find all recordings and resources. 


This course is slow, perfect for those new to movement, dance, or archetypal work, and creates a sacred connection to self. 



Sliding Scale 

60-minutes each week to participate in class, either live or recording.

Weekly Sensual Exploration:


Grounding into body

Being in present moment

Connection to self

Listening inward

Being not doing


Building Trust 

Tuning in & turning up Sensuality in body

Seeking pleasure in dance

Stirring magnetic energy


Outward self-expression

Finding sensual joys

Exploring Desire 

Discovering your erotic body


Uncover in inner-truth of your soul

Dance with your emotional body

Tap into primal, fiery energy

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Hello! I've been teaching embodied movement for going on 3 years. I believe the work of embodiment is just what the world needs right now. Connecting to self, sensuality is our right and a pure gift.

I've seen student after student come to my classes and leave with a whole new confidence in life. I believe this dance is medicine for your soul!

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