1:1 Cycle Coaching

Cyclical awareness is knowing and understanding the subtle and not so subtle changes occurring in bodies that bleed all month or cycle long. Sadly, most of us where not taught about these cyclical truths of our bodies. 


That's where creating a menstrual cycle awareness practice comes in. Working alongside a cycle coach like myself supports you to dive deep into the wisdom of living in a cyclical body. 

The good news?

Charting your cycle doesn't have to be a complicated process.


Tracking your symptoms works your awareness muscle, and soon you'll start noticing and learning more about yourself! This knowledge (combined with my gentle guidance) can give you powerful insights and support you in making cyclical decisions.


Why Cycle Coaching?

I believe any person who menstruates should have received the vital information at a young age of cyclical awareness.


I work with clients who want to create a positive relationship with their body, period, and menstrual cycle. Together, we can discover what/where your unique gifts are in your cycle and how to best navigate the shadows or sticky parts of your cycle.


With this cyclical awareness, you are able to flow, sync and harmonize with life. 

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