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1:1 Cycle Coaching

Cyclical awareness is knowing and understanding the subtle and not so subtle changes occurring in bodies that bleed all month or cycle long.

I believe having a connection and relationship with your body is key, and building this awareness and confidence might take time. Whether it’s dance or the menstrual cycle, I think our bodies are so wise and intelligent, and there are so many layers to discover. When we slow down, tune in and connect, we can expand and grow into much deeper and more complex realizations of ourselves.


That's where creating a menstrual cycle awareness practice comes in. Working alongside a cycle coach like myself supports you to dive deeper into the wisdom of living in a cyclical body. I love having the option of connecting to the body and maybe even adding some movement, too.


For me, that’s how I can most quickly connect inward. Sometimes I won’t know how I’m feeling when I’m charting my cycle until I feel into my body or what kind of music it's drawn to that day. They both inform each other and they both help me connect to one another. It’s all in your body and the energies are there, it’s just different tools to connect in and understand what’s happening more.

The good news?

Charting your cycle and connecting with your body doesn't have to be a complicated process.


Tracking your symptoms works your awareness muscle, and soon you'll start noticing and learning more about yourself. This knowledge (combined with my gentle guidance) can give you powerful insights and support you in making cyclical decisions.


Why Cycle Coaching?

I believe any person who menstruates should have received the vital information at a young age of cyclical awareness.


I work with clients who want to create a positive relationship with their body, period, and menstrual cycle. Together, we can discover what/where your unique gifts are in your cycle and how to best navigate the shadows or sticky parts of your cycle.

By connecting with my body through dance, my menstrual cycle, and ritual, I have discovered more than just having a fun dance practice or feeling sexy or knowing when my period is going to come.


It’s opened me up to a lot more of who I am.


How do I stand for my own boundaries? How do I use my own voice? How do I know what I want? Even if I don’t know what the end goal is necessarily, how do I trust my body is going to tell me when the right things and actions are there to take?


After years of practice, I trust myself to feel that pull from my body to move forward. 


I can help you develop this powerful physical connection within your own unique body. With this cyclical awareness, you will be able to flow, sync and harmonize your lifestyle with the natural currents of your body and hormones. 

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