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In-Person & Virtual Classes

I am passionate about guiding women back into their bodies using movement and sensual dance, and I cannot wait to help you on your own journey. Let's connect with our cyclical bodies to transform and reclaim our whole selves. ​I believe each human has a wisdom within their body and I am here to gently guide you back to your own power, trust, and inner knowing. ​Scroll to discover all of my virtual offerings or join me for an in-person class or series in Portland, Oregon. Click the button below to book any of my current offerings.

S Factor® Classes

S Factor® is a feminine movement practice – a sensuous workout for body and soul that’s intelligently designed to open the female body into her full, free, erotic expression.

S Factor® incorporates dance, stretching, muscular work, and pole fitness with a deep unique meditation that enriches the mind+body connection.

This class provides a unique, intimate setting of no mirrors and dimly lit red lights to ensure each student is able to leave the cares of the world at the door and embrace a truly meditative practice. 

Each class begins with a sensually charged S workout, followed by pole work, and finishes with Signature S Routine.

In-person classes are back every Sunday at the​ SomaSpace Studios in Portland, Oregon!​

I’m not the teacher trying to be the best or the fanciest in the class.

There’s a point of inspiring people, but I’m also not trying to be the best one in the class or know the most. I give a lot of options, celebrations and praise. I celebrate the heck out of everyone and make sure they feel really good when they leave class no matter what.


If my students made choices for their own body, I want to celebrate that. I want to call out those moments of beauty, strength, or courage. Even in the pole studio, I really try to do that. Who doesn’t like to go somewhere and just get showers of praise and adoration? 


What lights me up is when I see people owning their movement or when they're in connection with their body. They go off script from whatever I’ve given them and they tried something for themselves. For me, it shows I’ve created a space where they have permission to explore, to listen to their body. That’s the most important thing.


At the end of the day, it’s not about what it looks like (I say that, yet when you are connected to your body it will look amazing!) When I'm teaching S Factor, the classes I am most excited about are the ones where students don't feel like they need to follow the routine and hit the moves or be synchronized.


I am so inspired when people find moments that feel good in their own body, moments they choose for themselves. When they add their own little flare, they stay curious, they try new things on their own. Those are the moments I am most excited about because I can feel something new opening up with them, energetically. That body connection!

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First-time Student Taster Class

This taster class is the perfect way to get a sneak peek of what you can expect in the S Factor® Foundational Series.

This class will consist of an abridged S Factor® signature warm-up followed by a taste of the signature S routine, and will hopefully give you a sense of the S Factor® movement in general.


There will be a short Q&A and information session at the end of class.​

In-studio tasters are hosted at the SomaSpace Movement Studios in Portland, Oregon. Click the link below to see the full calendar of available dates.​

What my students are saying...

Three years ago, I was seeking a space to connect with my femininity in ways that resonated, especially having a busy lifestyle, I often struggled (and still do) with prioritizing physical wellness. I met Karla and truly admire her amiability and honesty in speaking to female empowerment. It was then she introduced me to S Factor for the very first time, which I found to be a wonderful safe space for women to (re)claim femininity through sensual movement.


I recently joined an S Factor class taught by Karla and immediately felt welcomed. Karla guided the class at a smooth pace I could keep up with and she was very attentive and encouraging.


I had fun and would definitely recommend Karla's S Factor class to anyone at any level!



I’ve really enjoyed every single class. I laugh often during the class because it feels so strange but empowering to be moving in a way I never thought I would! I’ve discovered music my body likes that I’d never have gravitated to before and have started a 🔥🔥🔥 playlist!

It’s absolutely amazing and I’ve loved every minute. I feel really strong during and after class, and close to the other women too. I’m a total S-Factor convert!

Karla is sincerely one of the best cycle coaches and S-factor instructors out there. She has a beautiful way of holding space for me. I love how she incorporates movement and music into our coaching sessions, and how she asks such thought provoking questions.


I always leave our time together feeling grounded, encouraged and held. I would highly recommend working with Karla if you're looking to reconnect with your body on a deeper level and accomplish some goals while you're at it. She's the whole package.

The menstrual cycle workshop with Karla was such a wonderful way to connect into my body and live into my cycle in an intentional way.


Karla created a safe and supportive circle to explore our stories around our own cycles, and facilitated a deepening of that knowledge through movement. The overview of the phases of the cycle as well as journaling tips were wonderful practical strategies and the movement portion of the workshop was grounding, sensual and powerful.



A dear friend of mine recommended S Factor to me and I am so amazed what has unfolded for me when I finally decided to take the class. I took the leap and met Karla Lancaster, my life changed.


S Factor is amazing in its empowerment of body expression and Karla is such a beautiful instructor. She is the world's best cheerleader and supportive facilitator. Her ability to encourage and explore is beyond words. She creates an incredibly safe environment, which allows for ones self to flourish, and that means the most authentic experience.


She is incredibly creative with her approach and her way of teaching is so inspiring and instructive. It allows for an incredibly vulnerable experience, which gets to the heart of ones journey with learning how to express body empowerment.


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