Hello, beauty.

I'm Karla, and I am on a journey of awakening to my life. 
I have reclaimed the dimensions of myself I was taught to shut down or was told were wrong, or never allowed myself to access. This journey has taken me outside my corporate career to teaching Embodiment movement full-time.

I have learned to slow down and live in my body.

Finding this kind of liberation in life requires you
to tap in and be in your body — free of the mind's clutter and distracting thoughts.
Are you ready to live in your body?  

    My Story

    I am passionate about guiding women back into their bodies using movement, dance, and sexual and sensual awakening.

    As a Menstrual Cycle Coach and a Licensed Instructor of S Factor®, a feminine sensual movement practice, I connect women with their cyclical bodies, and help them to transform and reclaim their whole self.

    I believe each human has a wisdom within their body, and I am here to gently guide you back to your own power, trust, and inner knowing. 

    In the field of Human Design, I am what's known as a Projector. With this skill set, I am able to see deeply into you. I use the magic and gifts of being a Projector to guide and teach you to intuitively meet yourself where you are. 

    What's S Factor?

    S Factor® is a sensual feminine movement practice designed to give you a wildly sexy workout while teaching you the language of your body through dance, exploration, and play


    This movement practice is intended to be sexy, soulful, playful, and flirtatious!

    And this chick is Licensed Teacher: Advanced... *wink*


    What's Embodiment?

    Embodiment is the practice of fully inhabiting your body, using the power of your sensuality to ground you and stay present.


    This can be as simple as slowing down to truly taste your food, feeling all the sensations of brushing your teeth, or dancing in a way where you truly tune-in and feel every stretched muscle and unique movement. 

    Your body is wise. 

    Your body can be your ultimate teacher, if you slow down and listen. 

    Is your body calling you home?

    In 2015, I received an invitation to come home to my body.


    I was introduced to embodied sensual movement and during a 60-minute introductory class something deep inside my body woke up. It was an awakening and a remembering within. My mind didn't have the words to describe what I felt or the truth that resonated in my body, but I knew I had to follow this path. 

    This path has been up and down, and has had many lessons in what living in this body means. I've spent the last three years cultivating a relationship with my feminine body, understanding and reclaiming her sensual, sexual, and cyclical aspects. I've found liberation and wisdom, in not only accepting, but honoring and revering the sacred blood of the menstrual cycle and living in a cyclical way. 

    I believe this awakening of embodied living is spreading and is the medicine the world needs right now. 

    Do you feel your body calling you home?

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    I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

    Let's connect.

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